In/outdoor rugs


RECYCLED PET FIBRE  This is a really soft rug made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Looking just like a natural fibre rug it looks as good indoor in any room as outdoor on the veranda.




PLASTIC FOIL  Our soft plastic rug is made from plastic foil and polyester. It is woven in Sweden according to old Swedish traditions. Use it in your kitchen, hallway, in the kids room or why don’t you brighten up the porch?




    • Brita Sweden Recycled PET rug Florens copper
      FLORENS Copper
    • Brita Sweden Recycled PET rug Florens verdigris
      FLORENS Verdigris
    • Recycled PET Rug Gittan Twin Beluga
      GITTAN TWIN Beluga
    • Recycled PET Rug Gittan Twin Steel
      GITTAN TWIN Steel
    • Recycled PET Rug Gittan Twin Mud
    • Recycled PET rug Tiles Sand
      TILES Sand
    • Recycled PET rug Cloud Sand
      TILES Cloud


    • Brita Sweden Plastic rug Luppio haze
      LUPPIO Haze
    • Brita Sweden Plastic rug Luppio spring
      LUPPIO Spring
    • Brita Sweden Plastic rug Luppio moss
      LUPPIO Moss
    • Plastic Rug Rita Pink Blush
      RITA Pink Blush

    • RITA Dusty Rose
    • Plastic Rug Rita Salvia
      RITA Salvia
    • Plastic rug Rita Concrete
      RITA Concrete
    • Plastic Rug Jokk Aurora
      JOKK Aurora
    • Plastic Rug Jokk Dawn
      JOKK Dawn

    • FLOWER Lagoon

    • FLOWER Sun

    • FLOWER Stone

    • FLOWER Beluga
    • Plastic Rug Ocean Ocean
      OCEAN Ocean
    • Plastic Rug Ocean Beluga
      OCEAN Beluga

    • PARIS Mustard

    • PARIS Black
    • Plastic Rug Confect Night
      CONFECT Night
    • Plastic Rug Confect Fog
      CONFECT Fog
    • Plastic Rug Confect Coral
      CONFECT Coral
    • Plastic rug Gerda Granite
      GERDA Granite
    • Plastic rug Gerda Powder Green
      GERDA Powder Green
    • Plastic rug Gerda Pool Blue
      GERDA Pool Blue
    • Plastic rug Gerda Mustard
      GERDA Mustard
    • Plastic Rug Ingrid Smoked Salmon
      INGRID Smoked Salmon
    • Plastic Rug Ingrid Potato
      INGRID Potato
    • Plastic Rug Ingrid Black
      INGRID Black
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Black
      ANNA Black
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Denim Blue
      ANNA Denim
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Pink
      ANNA Pink
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Aqua
      ANNA Aqua
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Bobbi Pale Brick
      BOBBI Pale Brick
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Bobbi Amethyst Grey
      BOBBI Amethyst Grey
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Bobbi Turquoise
      BOBBI Turqoise
    • Plastic Rug Canyon Bone/Beluga/Rose
      CANYON Bone/Beluga/Rose
    • Plastic Rug Canyon Bone/Beluga/Turquoise
      CANYON Bone/Beluga/Turquoise
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gittan Water
      GITTAN Water
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gittan Tomato
      GITTAN Tomato
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gittan Black
      GITTAN Black
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gunnel Black
      GUNNEL Black
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gunnel Deep Blue
      GUNNEL Deep Blue
    • Plastic rug Gunnel Mustard
      GUNNEL Mustard
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gunnel Red
      GUNNEL Red
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Seagreen
      HELMI Seagreen
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Brick
      HELMI Brick
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Pea
      HELMI Peas
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Pale Yellow
      HELMI Pale Yellow
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Turquoise
      HELMI Turquoise
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Amethyst Grey
      HELMI Amethyst Grey
    • Plastic Rug Karin Blue
      KARIN Blue
    • Plastic Rug Karin Concrete
      KARIN Concrete
    • Plastic Rug Karin Black
      KARIN Black