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A Brita Sweden rug or blanket blends well with many different styles. It will fit the modern minimalistic home aswell as in a 60s-inspired or bohemian home. You can use our rugs both indoors and outdoors and it will be perfect on the veranda or balcony aswell as in the kitchen, hallway or kids room. Let your imagination decide.

Care for it and you will enjoy it for a long time!


    • Hemp rug Concect Aubergine by Brita sweden
      CONFECT Aubergine
    • Hemp rug Concect Denim by Brita sweden
      CONFECT Denim
    • Hemp rug Archipelago Indigo
      ARCHIPELAGO Indigo
    • Hemp rug Archipelago Granite
      ARCHIPELAGO Granite
    • Hemp rug Archipelago Golden
      ARCHIPELAGO Golden
    • Hemp rug Arctic Dark Mint
      ARCTIC Dark Mint
    • Hemp rug Arctic Rusty
      ARCTIC Rusty
    • Hemp rug Field Green/Blue
      FIELD Green
    • Hemp rug Field Yellow/Grey
      FIELD Yellow
    • Hemp rug Gunnel Black
      GUNNEL Black


    • Wool rug Tundra
      TUNDRA Tundra


    • Recycled PET rug Mono Azure
      MONO Azure
    • Recycled PET rug Mono Sulphur
      MONO Sulphur
    • Recycled PET rug Mono Aqua
      MONO Aqua
    • Recycled PET rug Mono Copper
      MONO Copper
    • Recycled PET rug Mono Emerald
      MONO Emerald
    • Recycled PET rug Mono Stone
      MONO Stone


    • Plastic rug SEASONS Berry
      SEASONS Berry
    • Plastic rug SEASONS Sunny
      SEASONS Sunny
    • Plastic rug MINI Azure
      MINI Azure
    • Plastic rug MINI Beluga
      MINI Beluga
    • Plastic rug MINI Pine
      MINI Pine
    • Plastic rug SAPMI Sparkle
      SAPMI Sparkle
    • Plastic rug Sapmi Red
      SAPMI Red
    • Plastic rug Sapmi Green
      SAPMI Green
    • Plastic rug Sapmi Grey
      SAPMI Grey
    • Pastic rug Pemba Steel
      PEMBA Steel
    • Pastic rug Pemba Blush
      PEMBA Blush
    • Plastic rug Pemba Beluga
      PEMBA Beluga

    • PEMBA Sun
    • Plastic rug Pemba Aqua
      PEMBA Aqua
    • Plastic rug Pemba Powder Green
      PEMBA Powder Green
    • Plastic rug Confect Vanilla
      CONFECT Vanilla
    • Plastic rug Confect Nougat
      CONFECT Nougat
    • Plastic rug Confect Fennel
      CONFECT Fennel
    • Plastic Rug Confect Night
      CONFECT Night
    • Plastic Rug Confect Fog
      CONFECT Fog
    • Brita Sweden Plastic rug Luppio haze
      LUPPIO Haze
    • Brita Sweden Plastic rug Luppio spring
      LUPPIO Spring
    • Brita Sweden Plastic rug Luppio moss
      LUPPIO Moss
    • Plastic Rug Ingrid Potato
      INGRID Potato
    • Plastic Rug Ingrid Black
      INGRID Black

    • RITA Dusty Rose
    • Plastic rug Rita Concrete
      RITA Concrete
    • Plastic Rug Ocean Ocean
      OCEAN Ocean
    • Plastic Rug Ocean Beluga
      OCEAN Beluga

    • PARIS Mustard
    • Plastic rug Paris Black
      PARIS Black
    • Plastic rug Paris Aqua/Green
      PARIS Aqua/Green

    • FLOWER Lagoon

    • FLOWER Sun

    • FLOWER Stone

    • FLOWER Beluga
    • Plastic rug Gerda Granite
      GERDA Granite
    • Plastic rug Gerda Powder Green
      GERDA Powder Green
    • Plastic rug Gerda Pool Blue
      GERDA Pool Blue
    • Plastic rug Gerda Mustard
      GERDA Mustard
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Black
      ANNA Black
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Denim Blue
      ANNA Denim
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Pink
      ANNA Pink
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Anna Aqua
      ANNA Aqua
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gittan Black
      GITTAN Black
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gittan Water
      GITTAN Water
    • Plastic rug Gittan Clay
      GITTAN Clay
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gunnel Black
      GUNNEL Black
    • Plastic rug Gunnel Mustard
      GUNNEL Mustard
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Gunnel Red
      GUNNEL Red
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Pale Yellow
      HELMI Pale Yellow
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Turquoise
      HELMI Turquoise
    • Plastic Rug Helmi Amethyst Grey
      HELMI Amethyst Grey
    • Plastic Rug Karin Blue
      KARIN Blue
    • Plastic Rug Karin Concrete
      KARIN Concrete
    • Plastic Rug Karin Black
      KARIN Black


    • Cotton cushion DOT Hay
      DOT Hay
    • Cotton cushion DOT Azure
      DOT Azure
    • Cotton cushion DOT Grape
      DOT Grape
    • Cotton cushion DOT Mud
      DOT Mud
    • Cotton cushion DOT Beluga
      DOT Beluga
    • Cotton cushion DOT Mint
      DOT Mint
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Florens copper
      Florens Copper
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Florens iron
      Florens Iron
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Florens verdigris
      Florens Verdigris
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Flower lagoon
      Flower Lagoon
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Flower mauve
      Flower Mauve
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Flower stone
      Flower Stone
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Confect pepper
      Confect Pepper
    • Brita Sweden Cushion Confect sumac
      Confect Sumac


    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Florens copper
      FLORENS Copper
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Florens iron
      FLORENS Iron
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Florens verdigris
      FLORENS Verdigris
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Flower lagoon
      FLOWER Lagoon
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Flower mauve
      FLOWER Mauve
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Flower stone
      FLOWER Stone
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Confect sumac
      CONFECT Sumac
    • Brita Sweden Cotton blanket Confect pepper
      CONFECT Pepper


    • Wool blanket MINI Cream
      MINI Cream
    • Wool blanket MINI Sapmi
      MINI Sapmi
    • Wool blanket HAPPY Mint
      HAPPY Mint
    • Wool blanket HAPPY Sulphur
      HAPPY Sulphur
    • Wool blanket HAPPY Blush
      HAPPY Blush
    • Wool blanket MONO Azure
      MONO Azure
    • Wool blanket MONO Sulphur
      MONO Sulphur
    • Wool blanket MONO Mint
      MONO Mint
    • Wool blanket MONO Grape
      MONO Grape
    • Wool blanket MONO Mud
      MONO Mud
    • Wool blanket MONO Blush
      MONO Blush
    • Wool Blanket Jokk Aubergine
      JOKK Aubergine
    • Wool Blanket Jokk Beluga
      JOKK Beluga
    • Wool Blanket Jokk Pine
      JOKK Pine
    • Wool blanket Gerda Granite
      GERDA Granite
    • Wool blanket Gerda Powder Green
      GERDA Powder Green
    • Wool blanket Rita Pink Blush
      RITA Pink Blush
    • Wool blanket Rita Salvia
      RITA Salvia
    • Wool Blanket Rita Grey
      RITA Grey
    • Wool blanket Anna-Lisa Grey
      ANNA-LISA Grey
    • Wool blanket Anna-Lisa Aqua
      ANNA-LISA Aqua
    • Wool blanket Arctic Brick
      ARCTIC Brick
    • Wool blanket Arctic Dark Mint
      ARCTIC Mint
    • Wool blanket Arctic Sulphur
      ARCTIC Sulphur
    • Wool blanket Gunnel Mustard
      GUNNEL Mustard
    • Wool blanket Gunnel Deep Blue
      GUNNEL Deep Blue
    • Wool blanket Gunnel Black
      GUNNEL Black
    • Wool blanket Rainy Days Rose
      RAINY DAYS Rose
    • Wool blanket Rainy Days Honey
      RAINY DAYS Honey